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 " Art is like the fire of (Baba Gur Gur ) in my homeland  Kirkuk city ; lighting in my heart and forever." 

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A painting is like a woman , you have to give her wat she needs ,but it takes  along time before you know what that is.  (Abraham Luttger 1990)

'Een schilderij is als een vrouw. Je moet haar geven wat zij nodig heeft,
maar het duurt een hele tijd voordat je weet wat dat is.'
(Abraham Lüttger.1990 )

A Kurdish artist and calligrapher Kakayi was born in southern Kurdistan (Kirkuk) and his first steps began from there. He is a gifted painter and student of free graphic as well as a master calligrapher trained (by Mohammed Izzat Kerkuki † 1991) in many different classical styles of calligraphy. He held exhibitions in his country since 1981 but had to leave Iraq during the (Iran-Iraq) war. Since 1988 he is living in Europe (Belgium), taking part in national and international exhibitions. On this page you can view some of his creative  art works (painting, etching, calligraphy & photography). You are most welcome. 

                                                                    some of my recent  Art works












                         The background  ud music  by Majed bawe mir -kirkuk



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